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Spells Digest #16

Hey folks! 👋 Happy lunar new year and valentines day! Unfortunately, we were unable to find any spells related to the occasions. Perhaps the closest thing to romance we could find would be Slack's new "Tinder-style" UI...

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Cameron, the guy behind GuideGuide, is at it again, with a new version for Figma. You can sign up with the code “designspells” to get 50% off the first year, and all plugins are included. Right now, he’s trying to get the word out about the launch. If you think it's cool, please consider sharing GuideGuide wherever you tweet, toot, or whatever you do on Bluesky and Threads.

You can read this issue online too if you like! Without further ado, here is the latest roundup of the spells we've shared on Twitter/X

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