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Spells Digest #18

Hey folks! 👋 Last Saturday, we launched on Product Hunt and made Product of the day! A huge thank you to all who supported us during our launch, you made this happen, and we're so so grateful for this amazing community.

Product of the day

We also want to thank the designers and engineers behind the spells we have featured thus far. Without your magic, there would be no Design Spells, so thank you! Thank you for keeping the magic alive in our software.

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This week we have a personal message from Cameron, the creator of GuideGuide, the grid and guide plugin for every design tool you use: “Listen, I know every design app has some kind of grid and guide tool. Why bother with a plugin? Because GuideGuide can do more, works consistently everywhere, and is made by a creative director turned indie developer. You don’t half-ass your design. Don’t half-ass your tools either.” 

You can read this issue online too if you like! Without further ado, here is the latest roundup of the spells we've shared on Twitter/X

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