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Spells Digest #19

Hey folks! 👋 It's the Easter weekend, and also the perfect segue to talk about one of our favorite kinds of Design Spells, easter eggs!

Easter eggs in software is not a new concept at all. Google has had so many of them over the years that there's even a Wikipedia entry dedicated to documenting all of them. They're a great way to introduce delight into products without cluttering up the interface, as they are generally hidden by default.

As a result, they can be pretty hard to find as well. But fret not! If you're looking for them, you can always start with our growing collection of easter eggs! And if you know of any other good ones, send them our way!

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This week we have a personal message from Cameron, the creator of GuideGuide, the grid and guide plugin for every design tool you use: “Listen, I know every design app has some kind of grid and guide tool. Why bother with a plugin? Because GuideGuide can do more, works consistently everywhere, and is made by a creative director turned indie developer. You don’t half-ass your design. Don’t half-ass your tools either.” 

You can read this issue online too if you like! Without further ado, here is the latest roundup of the spells we've shared on Twitter/X

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