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Spells Digest #24

Hey folks! 👋 As of last week, we turned 1! We started Design Spells on May 29th, 2023. Back then, it was just a simple X/Twitter account, with no newsletter and no website.

It's surreal to see how much we have grown since then. From launching this biweekly newsletter that you're now reading, which has grown to over 6.5k subscribers, to launching our website in March, which has garnered an average of 15k monthly visitors.

We couldn't be more grateful for everyone's support. It's thanks to all of you that our little corner of the internet has been able not only to grow but thrive over this past year 💜

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There are a bajillion email tools out there — we built Buttondown because none of them worked the way I wanted them to. Some were super-powerful and super-complicated, designed for huge companies who were spending all day tweaking templates + workflow automations. We just wanted a small, elegant tool that let me collect subscribers and email them easily, with no fuss and at a reasonable price point.

You can read this issue online too if you like! Without further ado, here is the latest roundup of spells from the past 2 weeks:

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